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    I am looking for well written position descriptions for personnel assigned as 1.) COR Supervisors and 2.) COR's; with special consideration of service contract's for professional services being the focus of assigned duties. I am hopeful that someone at "Ask a Professor" will be able to possibly send me (or help lead me to) at least one strong template for each position. I have researched the internet using "Contracting Officer Representative Supervisor Position Description", "COR Supervisor Position Description", "Contracting Officer Representative Position Description", and "COR Position Description", and haven't been able to find a solid DoD PD for either position to date. Any assistance with obtaining or leading me to good PD's for these positions would be sincerely appreciated.


    Sorry, but the reason you have not been able to find one is because COR and COR Supervisor are not in the OPM Handbook of Occupational Groups and Families.  In DoD, being assigned a COR is an additional duty.  Unfortunately we here at AAP or DAU have no knowledge if a PD exists.
    You may have luck if you contact the Missile Defense Agency in Huntsville, Al.  I have heard they have hired individuals whose only job is to be a COR.
    DoDI 5000.72 might be of assistance as well.

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