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    Is it mandatory that a COR include their COR duties within their performance standards?


    To answer this, we are going to rely on DoDI 5000.72 DoD Standard for Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) Certification.
    The guidance can be found in Enclosure 4 (page 15), paragraph 2, COR Letter of Designation via DoD CROT TOOL.  Subparagraph a. lists 13 things the Letter of Designation (LOD) should include.  When taken collectively, most of these encompass the performance standards of the COR.  They are tailored to the acquisition.  The LOD is part of the contract file and CORT (in some instances) can be considered “the system of records” for the LOD… or the KO or contract specialist could put a copy of this in what they consider the official contract file.
    Remember, the contracting officer (KO) is delegating to the COR some of their authority.  They do this via the LOD.  As a result, it is the KO who specifies the expected performance standards the COR should follow, as described above, not vice versa.
    Note: Enclosure 3 discusses how a COR’s performance should be part of their annual performance appraisal.

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