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    Why put the Table of Contents somewhere in the middle of the document rather than in the front area of the document??


    The formatting of DoD instructions is governed by the DoD Standards posted on the DoD Issuances Website. The DoD Issuances Standard in effect prior to 1 May 2015 governed the format of DoDI 5000.02. This standard established standard paragraph headings as shown below, and the DoDI 5000.02 issued on 7 January 2015 conformed to this standard. Counter-intuitively, note below that in the standard paragraph order the Table of Contents is not at the beginning of the instruction as one would expect but instead after paragraph 7, the “effective date.”

    General Paragraph format for DoD Instructions issued prior to 1 May 2015.
    1. Purpose
    2. Applicability
    3. Policy
    4. Responsibilities
    5. Procedures
    6. Releasability
    7. Effective Date
    Table of Contents

    Normally, under the Table of Contents, DoD Instructions list “References” as an Enclosure but may also list any or all of the numbered paragraphs above either as separate Enclosures or by major paragraph heading in the main document. DoDI 5000.02 is formatted according to the latter approach, that is, the Table of Contents lists the main paragraph headings of the numbered paragraphs in the main document, and then proceeds to list functionally oriented specialties such as Program Management and Systems Engineering as separate numbered Enclosures. Paragraph 5, Procedures, the “meat of the DoDI 5000.02,” is not provided as a separate Enclosure, but instead is in the main body of the instruction from pages 2-30. This also is permitted under DoD issuance policy.

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