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    Have a situation. Fermilab has a site for DOE in Lead, SD. Have two employees that travel from Miami, FL and Chicago, IL to Lead, SD. They spend a couple of weeks in Lead, SD and a week or so at their home base. Fermi is claiming that the travel costs to go to and from are direct costs to the project. DOE is claiming these are commuting costs. My research shows that most agencies use a 50 mile radius for determining commuting vs. travel costs. The CO states these costs are commuting costs and not allowable. My research is showing that 50 miles radius is a benchmark for determining which is local/commuting travel. Which position is correct?


    The Federal Travel Regulation establishes the 50-mile radius standard. You can find it in the definition of "Official station" in Part 300-3 (Glossary of Terms) at this link.

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