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    What process does DAU use to create an informative Q&A forum like AAP and still meet whatever regulatory requirements are out there to ensure everything is public releasable and meets OPSEC requirements?


    DAU's Ask A Professor program was established in the early 1990s, to meet the occasional, on-the-job need for additional and more detailed guidance or recommendations for our defense acquisition workforce stakeholder. The AAP program was begun long before DAU even had an internal PAO/OPSEC review capability, however, the program from day one has always been built upon and conducted according to the foundation of its legal notices and disclaimers ( ), and the program is under annual review from DAU's legal counsel and Corporate Communications team. Additionally, PAO/OPSEC review guidance and regulations vary by agency or service across not just the Department of Defense but the entirety of the federal government, so  we recommend that you begin with the PAO in your own organization for the best guidance in setting up an AAP-like Q&A forum in your own organization.

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