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    Have looked in DCMA PCARSS documentation, looking for definitive answer to which events trigger updating to IUID Registry. Specifically, if directed by PLCO to transfer/ship items to a Federal Agency such as USDA, DOJ, etc., does PCARSS automatically update the IUID Registry?


    The Plant Clearance Automated Reutilization Screening System (PCARSS) event “Transfer to Other Government Agency,” which would include transferring and shipping Government property to USDA, DOJ, etc., is not sent to the IUID Registry.  Below are the PCARSS disposal actions/lifecycle events that automatically update the IUID Registry. 

    ·  Abandonment
    ·  Destroy/Demilitarize –Abandon
    ·  Donation
    ·  Destroy/Demilitarize – Scrap Residual
    ·  Return to Supplier
    ·  Scrap Per Approved Procedure with Proceeds Credited Overhead
    ·  Sell as Scrap
    ·  Sell as Useable Property
    ·  Sell as Salvage
    ·  Formal Sale – Useable
    ·  Formal Sale – Salvage
    ·  Formal Sale – Scrap
    ·  Informal Sale – Useable
    ·  Informal Sale – Salvage
    ·  Informal Sale – Scrap
    ·  Negotiated Sale – Useable
    ·  Negotiated Sale – Salvage
    ·  Negotiated Sale – Scrap
    ·  Auction – Useable Property
    ·  Destroy/Demilitarize/Recycle – No residual

    This information was confirmed by Defense Procurement Acquisition Policy.

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