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    I recently attended ACQ 265 at DAU South. While there I heard that there's been a change to the Acquisition Category (ACAT I, ACAT II, ACAT III) convention. Can you tell me what the new system is going to be?


    The DAU Professor responding to this AAP question happened to be Team Teaching the ACQ 265 course referenced in this query.  The ACQ 265 Instructor- related changes to Milestones, Phases, ACATs, etc. relates changes to Defense Business Systems (DBS) as outlined in the new DODI 5000.42.  Details related to this area as follows:
    DODI 5000.75, dated 2 February 2017 – Business Systems Requirements and Acquisition. 
    Anything to do with Defense Business Systems (does not include NSS) is being yanked from current DODI 5000.02 and put in DODI 5000.75.
    Requires use of Business Capability Acquisition Cycle (BCAC) for DBS for all DBS NOT designated as MDAPS.  If a DBS is classified as a MDAP then 5000.02 applies.
    Phases:  Business Capability Need, Business Solution Analysis, Function Requirements & Acquisition Planning, Acquisition Testing & Deployment, and Business Capability Support
    Decision gates at each phase result in “Authority to Proceed”
    LOTS of emphasis on Business Process Reengineering
    “…must drive toward COTS solutions”
    Architecture requirement…compliance with Business Enterprise Architecture (BEA)
    ACAT replaced with Business System Categories…IB, IIB, and IIIB
    Major Players include DCMO, DOD CIO, DAE, CAE (depending on Biz Category) and Functional Sponsor
    Governance includes Defense Business Council
    Organizational Change Management – PM and Functional Lead responsibilities.  OCM MAKES OR BREAKS implementation of Business Systems. 
    In depth description of each phase and deliverables from each phase described including “Information Work Products” (deliverables)
    Information Work Products include Capability Requirements Document; Capability Implementation Plan; Capability Process Map Detail; IT Design Spec (substitute for ISP); IT Functional Requirements; Business  Capability Support Strategy
    Also find a copy of the recently released DODI 5000.02, dated 2 February 2017 at (To be sent separately).  The Milestone designations, phase names, and Acquisition Categories, etc. have not changed.

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