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    Based on the DoD FMR citation 061004 can BTR be processed between Program Elements for in scope obligation of expired funds? If yes to above, Based on the DoD FMR citation 061004 is it mandatory for the agency to process the BTR rather than use current year funds?


    Funding realignment applies when an appropriation no longer has obligational availability, i.e., the appropriation is expired as you imply in your situation. Below Threshold Reprogramming does not apply to expired appropriations. Use of current funds does not apply. As you state, FMR Vol 3 061004 applies to your situation and you can realign funds between programs to meet your in-scope need. There is no limit (thresholds) on the amount of funds that can be realigned into or out of expired line items.  See your DLA comptroller to determine the availability of expired funds in different programs and to work the mechanics.

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