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    Looking for DoD definition for: 1- Capability Insertion 2- Capability Improvement (or Enhancement) Thank you!


    DoD doesn’t use the term Capability Insertion although it does use the term Capability Improvement (or Enhancement) in the context of JCIDSs, and its three distinctive phases of the Capabilities-Based Assessment (CBA) process:

    1)  functional area analysis (that identifies operational tasks, conditions and standards needed to accomplish objectives);
    (2) functional needs analysis (that assesses the ability of current and programmed capabilities to accomplish the tasks identified in the functional area);  
    and (3) functional solutions analysis (that results in a list of potential need-based solutions to determine the best material or combination of approaches to produce the best capability).

    Capability Improvements/Enhancements ultimately addresses capability shortfalls, or gaps as defined by combatant commanders to help them achieve a competitive advantage on the battlefield. At the DoD level, you may have meant Technology Insertion (vs Capability Insertion). Technology Insertion (TI) attempts to shorten acquisition timelines, which has come under fire for long development cycles since the technology used in a new weapon system can easily become obsolete once fielded. TI can also extend the efficacy (and lethality), and/or obsolescence of an existing weapon system with improved technology. TI can occur in a vertical and horizontal space.

    Vertical technology insertion (VTI) encompasses such activity which can occur at all levels of a product (e.g. system, equipment and component levels).  In this construct, the platform of the product is akin to a shell which encapsulates a hierarchy of system, sub-system and component level equipment. Consider the case of a helicopter where such a platform can be retrofitted with completely new mission avionics systems (system level VTI), or where an improved mission computer or automatic flight controller is inserted (equipment level VTI). Horizontal technology insertion (HTI) refers to TI activities which span sector, product, project
    and organizational boundaries. 

    The U.S. Army has already realized significant gains from HTI, and sees HTI as the application of common technology solutions across multiple systems to improve the war-fighting capability of the total force. The Army’s second generation forward-looking infrared (GEN II FLIR) technology as well as a common B-Kit has been inserted into several ground-based platforms, including: M1A2 SEP Abrams tank, M2A3/M3A3 Bradley Fighting Vehicle, and the M707 Knight Vehicle.

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