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    Can the company be a self Certified Disabled Veteran owned Small Bus Business Direct Award firm? Is there a dollar Threshold for direct sward? If so what is it?


    FAR 19.1403 says an SDVOSB can self-certify their status to the contracting officer.  FAR 19.1406 contains procedures for sole source awards to SDVOSBs along with the dollar thresholds.  There is nothing in the FAR about a "Direct Award" to a SDVOSB.  FAR 19.8 contains procedures for 8(a) Direct Awards. 

    If you work for the Veterans Administration, go to the VAAR for additional information.  VAAR 819.7007 discusses soles source awards to SDVOSBs.  VAAR 819.7003 discusses eligibility of a SDVOSB and (VAAR 819.7003(B)(2) states that their status must be verified for eligibility in the VIP database. 

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