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    How do I recognize an "Authentic" Contract document? or Authenticates a contract document? When is it appropriate for the PAR of a contract to sign a letter with the COR of the contract, swearing to support the COR? And, the COR holds the file on the PAR?


    Note to readers: a phone call with the question submitter revealed a few additional facts and clarified some of the acronyms used.
    The individual was given a letter that they are assigned to be a PAR.  The guiding documentation is the Navy’s Performance Assessment User Guide which spells out among other things Roles and Responsibilities.  However, it provides organizations latitude in who is authorized to sign a PAR letter.
    The question submitter was encouraged to communicate with the individual(s) who signed the letter and their supervisor if necessary; to review the letter and explain any of the ambiguities it may or may not contain.
    Note: we often say in the COR course classroom that it “takes a village” to monitor contractor performance.  This is a classic example of that; a COR and the KO need to really on a number of subject matter experts to determine if the contractor’s performance is meeting contract quality standards and metrics.
    A PAR letter is not an official contract document.  However, it may be considered an official Navy document and the KO may (because of local processes and procedures) be instructed to keep copies of these letters in the contract file.  There is nothing wrong with that.  Issuance of a PAR letter in no way is considered a change to a contract.

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