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    Hello, This question pertains to a service contract in Afghanistan (LOGCAP). During the Risk Analysis phase of determining the Likelihood vs Consequence, I would like to know if DAU has specific guidance that establishes the frequency. Currently, what has been rated as High, has the frequency set at twice per month. Moderate once per month and Low is Quarterly. Would it be a violation to have the frequencies as follows: High - Once per month Moderate - Once every two months Low - Quarterly The reason I ask, in Afghanistan we have a high volume of COR turnover and COR's often have other duties. When a COR is required to perform an audit twice per month he/she often is unable to meet the task and only submits one audit. Thank you in advance for your support. Also, I tried logging onto the DAU website to ask a professor but was unable to get past the certificate logon. Thank you, Al Al Fortin Quality Assurance Lead Regional Contracting Office - Afghanistan (RCO-S) Expeditionary Contracting Command - Afghanistan (ECC-A) DSN 318-421-6038


    Let me answer the question embedded in the Background first.  As far as I know, DAU does not have “specific” guidance regarding the frequency of monitoring or surveillance (essentially “in-process inspection”).  We teach essentially what you’ve done; determine frequency based on risk and other factors.  The reason is because it is highly contract dependent.
    Here is my opinion, it makes no sense to change the “Risk/Frequency” definition.  You are better off documenting the reasons why the frequency requirement cannot, or is not, being met.  This happens very often in the contingency environment.  Rationale: the risk element (high, low, etc.) doesn’t change regardless of how often the government can do an audit.  It only changes when contractor performance risk changes.
    Properly documenting the reason the frequency requirement can’t be met is much more likely to bring a corrective action to the situation.  E.g. assign more CORs, determine a better surveillance methodology (i.e. customer complaint, 3rd party audit, random inspection, etc.).
    Finally, not sure why you had difficulty accessing AAP.  It may have been because DAU has recently redesigned our multiple web locations into one interface.

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