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    ECPs, MWOs, and MAMs are all options but they are not one size fits all. Is there any guidance on what would dictate each approach regarding software? For instance, an MWO may be necessary for an upgrade to weapon software and warrant the five year implementation but would not be feasible for quarterly updates to OS software. Is that enough of a change to warrant an ECP? Is a quarterly MAM sufficient? Is there a more efficient way we are overlooking? Again, just looking for some guidance/regulations as these issues relate to software. Thanks in advance.


    As with all aspects of the operation of a defense acquisition program, there is no one size fits all.  System definition, phase of life cycle, system complexity, etc all contribute to the decisions that must be made for the effective operation of the program.

    In the area of software sustainment there are several DoD/DAU resources which can aid in determining the path forward for software sustainment.

    Among the tools/resources to review for lessons learned, best practices, and ways forward include:

    The ACC software sustainment practice center:

    Defense Acquisition Guidebook, Chapter 6:  Information Technology and Business Systems:

    DoDI 5000.02, dated 2 Feb 2017, Enclosure 14:

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