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    - Is there anything in the FAR that specifically states I can add CDRLs at the Task Order level? That is, add a new CDRL to the task order that is not included in the base contract? We label these new task order CDRLs as T-001, T-002, etc., attach the DD 1423 to the task order, and invoke the new CDRL from within the task order PWS.


    There is nothing in the FAR or DFARS that addresses your specific concern.  Furthermore, the DFARS PGI at Subpart 204.71, Uniform Contract Line Item Numbering Systems is silent on the matter.  Consequently, local policy as you describe seems consistent with the FAR's guidance at 1.302 that

    Agency acquisition regulations shall be limited to --
    (a) Those necessary to implement FAR policies and procedures within the agency; and
    (b) Additional policies, procedures, solicitation provisions, or contract clauses that supplement the FAR to satisfy the specific needs of the agency.

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