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    Is there an Architect and Engineering Services Contract Officer Representative Training class


    I am unaware of any COR Training specific to A-E at the Federal Acquisition Institute (FAI) FAC-COR level.  I doubt there is, unless it is local training developed by an organization for their personnel.  There is none for the Department of Defense.
    Normally the requirement to be a COR on A&E contracts is that you are well versed, or a subject matter expert, in the A-E discipline(s) being contracted for.  As such, the standard FAC-COR level III (civilian agency) and COR/CLC 222 for DoD is the COR Specific Training required if you will be designated a COR on an A&E contract.
    DAU has
    CON 243 Architect-Engineer Contracting.  However, the target audience for this is normally contracting officers and specialists.

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