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    For a multimillion dollar medical services contract is a Type A appointment sufficient? If the COR will be receiving a Type C appointment is the resident training required?


    We tackle similar questions here quite often at AAP.
    I’ll assume the new guidance you refer to is
    DoDI 5000.72.
    Luckily, the DoDI gives contracting officers and requiring activities wide latitude in determining if the requirement is A, B, or C.
    Enclosure 4 of the DoDI details qualifications and training requirements.  Enclosure 6, Tables 2, 3, and 4 give a real good detailed description to help identify if a requirement should be an A, B, or C.

    Typically, the requirement to be a COR on a medical contract is that they are well versed, or a subject matter expert, in the medical discipline(s) being contracted for.  As such, a Type C is more often identified.  The standard training needed is either COR (classroom) or CLC (on-line module) 222 for DoD COR Specific Training.  Each course has the same material and learning objectives and DoD considers them equivalent.  In other words, DoD does not require the classroom version, but you may have a local policy which does.
    In my opinion, no additional training specific to medical contracts is required.  As long as the COR understands the SOW/PWS, standards, and contract deliverables then COR/CLC 222 should suffice.  That said, the Army used to have a CLC 012 for CORs involved with medical contracts.  DAU used to host it, but in 2012 the Army decided to take it back because it needed to be updated.  We’re not sure if that ever happened, and if it did, we’re not sure how to located and take that course.

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