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    If a commercial award can be made on the SF1449, why does the FAR disallow use of the SF1449 when issuing a combined synopsis/solicitation (with a brief synopsis description and the attached SF 1449 solicitation document); especially when the guidance at FAR Subpart 5.207 contains much of the information that can be implemented on the SF1449? Where is the benefit as it seems there isn't any time savings when not using the SF1449 document and the document is titled, Solicitation, Offer, Award?


    Your basic question asks why use of the SF 1449 is prohibited when using the combined synopsis/solicitation when the SF 1449 is required anyway when an AWARD is made above the simplified acquisition threshold. A primary purpose of the Federal Acquisition Streamlining Act of 1994 was to "simplify" the interface between the Government and potential suppliers so that companies would be more willing to do business with the Government and, as a result, increase competition. While the SF 1449 must be used for commercial item awards exceeding the simplified acquisition threshold, FAR 12.603(b) prohibits its use for issuing the solicitation when the combined synopsis/solicitation method is applied. Again, I believe this was meant to make doing business with the government appear less cumbersome and bureaucratic. 

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