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    Is a modification required to the contract after the CO issues instructions (telephone or electronic), in order to have the contact and MOCAS matching prior to contractor WAWF submittal and DCMA acceptance?


    Yes a contract modification should be issued. The Ship to is part of Section F of the contract. (15.204-2 -- Part I -- The Schedule (f) Section F, Deliveries or performance. Specify the requirements for time, place, and method of delivery or performance [see Subpart 11.4, Delivery or Performance Schedules, and 47.301-1].) It is not always practical to issue a modification immediately so in the interim the oral and written communication referenced in FAR 47.305-10 (c) provides the contracting officer a solution to meet mission needs. 

    I would reference back to
    paragraph (b) the contracting officer shall issues amended delivery instruction as soon as the information becomes known.  If address changes are frequent, a periodic sweep of those changes could be incorporated  by an omnibus contract modification (maybe on a quarterly basis.) A copy of the those letters should be kept in the contract administration files in lieu of the formal modification and then kept as evidence of the interim guidance.

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