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    When awarding task orders against the aforementioned IDIQ, is a Contracting Officer able to sign task orders within his/her warrant authority? Or must the Contracting Officer have warrant authority that coincides with the awarded IDIQ value prior to awarding a task order? For example, a customer is looking to award a task order against the aforementioned IDIQ. The value of this task order is $100K. If a Contracting Officer has procurement authority up to $500K (per contract/cumulative), are they authorized to award this task order?


    Are task orders stand alone contracts?  Yes, they are contracts under the umbrella of the IDIQ contract. FAR 16.504(a)(4) states what a solicitation and contract for an indefinite quantity contract must include and if you look at (vi) it states, Include a description of the activities authorized to issue orders; and (vii) Include authorization for placing oral orders, if appropriate, provided that the Government has established procedures for obligating funds and that oral orders are confirmed in writing.

    You need to read the contract and see who is allowed to place orders off of the contract. A contracting officer with procurement authority up to $500K should be able to place an order for $100K. I recommend you check your agency directives.

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