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    My supervisor asserts the opinion, that because I would be merely increasing the estimated cost that the action is an not increase in scope and does not have to be synopsized, nor require a JOFOC. Per FAR 5.201(b)(1)(i and ii) and FAR 5.101(a)(1)The action is over $25,000 does not meet any of the exceptions listed in FAR 5.202. It has to be synopsized. I am of the opinion that because the increase of the cost ceiling is a change in the terms of the current contract. i.e. Modifying contract clauses, Obligating additional funds and Negotiated and Bilateral agreement with contractor a Synopsis and JOFOC are required. Any advice?


    FAR Part 6 is not applicable to contract modifications that are within the scope of the existing contract (ref. FAR 6.001(c)). Overruns on other direct costs are not typically due to an increase in the scope of work but rather to unexpected expenses associated with the original performance requirements. If this is the case, then I agree with your supervisor.

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