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    What is the least painful way to update the CDD to reflect the new requirement? Perhaps some sort of change memo?


    Changes to capability documents are validated by the same validation authority as the original document.  This means you follow the same process as for the original validation starting with the submission of the changed document to the Joint Staff Gatekeeper. See the excerpt from the JCIDS manual Enclosure D dated 12 February 2015.
    g. Capability Requirement Document Updates/Revisions
    (1) Updates to a capability requirement document are required if the Sponsor proposes changes to the capability requirements, including KPPs, KSAs, and APAs, after validation, or if changes are made in the approved Service and joint concepts, CONOPS, or EA and solution architecture, which affect the capability requirements and/or capability solution. Updates to capability requirement documents may also be required as a result of JROC/JCB Tripwire, CIP breach reviews, Nunn-McCurdy Unit Cost Breach, or MAIS Critical Change Report reviews.
      (a) The validation authority generally retains change authority for KPPs and other aspects of documents which impact certifications or endorsements, unless otherwise delegated in the validation memorandum. The validation authority will issue a new or updated validation memorandum to indicate approval of the updated document.
      (b) The validation authority generally delegates change authority for KSAs, APAs, and other aspects of documents, unless otherwise retained in the validation memorandum. The Sponsor organization with delegated change JCIDS Manual authority will issue a change memorandum to indicate approval of the updated document.
      (c) Certifications and endorsements will be reviewed to ensure that those impacted by the proposed changes, or are otherwise out of date, receive updated certification and endorsement prior to validation of the updated document.
      (d) Updated documents are not authoritative until the updated document and the associated signed approval memorandum are provided to the Joint Staff Gatekeeper for archiving.
    (2) In accordance with reference bb, the Sponsor will review the AoA or similar study for continuing relevance prior to each MS decision. Any applicable updates to capability requirement document, and the impact upon previous AoA recommendations, should be included in that review.
    (3) No additional changes or amendments will be made to previously validated ORDs or other legacy capability requirement documents.
      (a) To facilitate significant amendments or changes, or to generate the successor document for validation ahead of the next acquisition MS, Sponsors shall transcribe legacy content, and any previously validated changes or amendments, into the appropriate current document format for staffing and validation. Updates will include generation of applicable DODAF architecture views and will incorporate, or justify the absence of, the mandatory KPPs identified in Appendix A to this enclosure.
      (b) If the Joint Staff Gatekeeper approves minor changes or amendments to a document not otherwise associated with validation ahead of the next acquisition MS, the Sponsor will insert content in the appropriate sections of the document to comply with the intent of the most recent document formats, DODAF architecture views, and mandatory certifications and endorsements.
      (c) The legacy document will be submitted as an attachment to the updated capability requirement document in the KM/DS system, unless it is already resident in the KM/DS system.
    (4) Updates to capability requirement documents will be submitted to the Joint Staff Gatekeeper in accordance with Enclosure E to either initiate staffing for review and potential re-validation for changes requiring JCB or JROC validation, or for visibility and archiving purposes for changes under the authority of the DOD Component validation authority.

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