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    What is the review cycle for this document? Where would I find the latest template for this document? What guidance, regulations, etc. outlines how to complete this document?


      "The requirement for the Counterintelligence is found in several places.  The primary location is in DODI 5000.02, Feb 2 2017, for the requirement to coordinate with Component Intelligence and Counterintelligence communities - this is mentioned several times.  Regarding counterintelligence, DODI-O 5240.24, 2011 is referenced in the new DODI 5000.02.  However, this reference was updated (in red) on Oct 15, 2013.  The theme is for the acquisition community to work with Component Counterintelligence organizations - I recommend you check with your Component/Base Counterintelligence organization for specific assistance. 

    Regarding the review cycle, DODI 5000.02 requires us in Table 2 to have a Technology Targeting Risk Assessment (TTRA) before/at Milestone A.  The TTRA is a requirement for all programs; Milestone A is when a CISP would be needed to support a counterintelligence approach for a program.  The basics of what are required in a CISP are discussed in DODI 5200.29, CPI and Protection within RDT&E.  Specific formatting requirements for the CISP can also be driven by your Component/base Counterintelligence.  So bottom line is, plan to get with your Component Counterintelligence organization(s) early and have a coordinated approach for the CISP by Milestone A. 

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