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    What security clauses, clearances or requirements would you think need to be included in a contract like this? What insurance clauses would be needed for this type of contract? Any help would be much appreciated.


    This is a great question.  Unfortunately, our ability to help is limited as we are not familiar with the Department of Commerce Acquisition Manual.
    The only one who can answer the Security Clearance question is the requiring activity requesting the contract action.  Question(s) to ask them include: Will this contractor be required to have access to or create classified information?”  That of course means ANY access such as documents, oral communications, briefings, etc.  Another good idea would be for you to contact your Department of Commerce Security Office for guidance, especially if the answer to the questions is “yes”.  Then you will have to follow the National Industrial Security Program Manual (NISPOM).
    That said, there is a good chance that an “Economic Advisor” may not require access to or develop classified information.
    Regarding Country Clearance and Physical Security; the guidance you need is found at FAR 25.3 Contracts Performed Outside the United States.  You really should review this completely, it does not take that long to read.  You will notice that the primary clause you will need is 52.225-19.  It also has the appropriate links to see if there are theater and country clearance requirements.  As of 1 year ago, there was no TBC clause for Iraq.  Normally you would find this through the TBC module of JCCS located in the KO guide found at
    Regarding insurance, the guidance you need is found at FAR 28.305 Overseas workers’ compensation and war-hazard insurance.  It implements requirements of the DBA (Defense Base Act).  The clause you will most likely need is 52.228-3. 
    I did review your Department of Commerce FAR Supplement, I could not find additional guidance.

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