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    Does the Military Service who owns the plant have a responsibility to perform construction oversight/inspection? If so, is this requirement documented anywhere?


    In researching your question, not only should you be concerned with construction oversight, but also with the oversight of the design of the project.  In accordance with the Air Force and Army regulations, there is some level of oversight required when design and construction occurs on a Government Owned Contractor Operated (GOCO) facility.  The level required could depend on whether the construction is classified as major, minor, other or environmental. In attachment 7 of the Air Force Instruction 63-609 (link below), it provides very detailed information to follow in the 3 phases of design and then phase 4 is construction and contains the oversight and reports required.  The Army Regulation 700-90 (link below), is stated much more generally in section 2-10 of the regulation.
    2–10. Commanding General, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
    The CG, USACE will—
    b. Manage and execute facilities design and construction programs at GOGO installations. Review design of construction projects at GOCO installations and monitor execution.
    For you construction project that will occur on a GOCO sight, you need to be coordinating with either your Director of Public Works (DPW) or your Base Civil Engineer’s Office starting with the design of the project through construction and acceptance.
    AR 700-90, Army Industrial Base Process

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