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    What courses does he need to renew his designation as a COR for our installation?


    I think you are asking, what are the refresher training requirements for a COR.  Yes?
    Luckily you have some latitude and that determination.  As a reminder, DoD policy and guidance for nominating and appointing (including experience and training requirements) for CORs is found at DFARS PGI 201.602-2, and DoDI 5000.72.
    Enclosure 3, para (2) k. of 5000.72 states:
    “Ensures the COR nominee is provided and completes the COR specific refresher training as required every 3 years in accordance with Enclosure 5 of this instruction.”
    You’ll note that Enclosure 5 specifies 8 hours for a type A requirement and 16 hours for a type B or C requirement.  It also states that “Contracting offices will determine what the COR-specific training course requirements should be commensurate with the contract work being performed”.
    The DoD COR Handbook used to provide a laundry list of learning modules, not as a recommendation but rather as a way to “kick-start” the brainstorming process.  But that is currently being rewritten.  It should be re-published later this year.  In the meantime, please visit the DAU iCatolog.

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