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    Is an acquisition plan now required with the issuance of the modification as the basic IDIQ contract total value is at the threshold where an acquisition plan would be required? In reviewing the template for an acquisition plan, many of the elements are not applicable given the contract has already been awarded and is in mid stream of performance.


    Acquisition Plan Required when Contract is Modified. FAR part 7 and DFARS part 207 do not require an acquisition plan to be written post contract award when the contract amount reaches the requisite dollar threshold for an acquisition plan.  You should however check your agency regulations to see if they have anything to say on the matter.  The modification serves as the contract documentation (as well as all supporting documents to the modification). I would suggest that you look at FAR Subpart 1.7 which addresses the requirements for writing Determinations and Findings for decisions when making changes/modifications to the contract. 

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