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    Are committed (but not yet obligated) funds lost after a Continuing Resolution expires?


    Although at this point, this question may be overcome by events as it seems like we will get an omnibus spending bill the week of 1 May 2017, but here is the answer.  Language can be found from OMB regarding this topic, so it will always be important to seek out the latest and greatest OMB guidance regarding a Continuing Resolution (CR). Theshort answer is Yes - those funds would expire upon expiration of the CR that provided them without any
    further CR or appropriation bill.  CRs make amounts available for obligation only until a time specified by the CR or until the enactment of regular fiscal year appropriations, whichever is sooner. A CR normally provides temporary funding. As specified by the CR, it can last any period of time(one day, a few days, a few weeks, or a month). It is generally
    understood that the normal appropriations process will eventually produce appropriation acts to replace or terminate the CR.

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