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    What is the required data for FAR requirement 52.245-1(f)(1)(iii)(A)(8) Disposition when establishing a record? If a contractor has established 1,000 records and are required to have a disposition field would it be appropriate to enter the disposition as active - in use, storage - occasional use, shipped- returned to customer or PCARSS- CASE XYZ, etc? Or is this disposition field strictly for PCARSS use?


    The “Disposition” data element required by FAR 52.245-1(f)(1)(iii)(A)(8) refers to the actions taken that led to the formal relief of stewardship responsibility by an authorized Government representative or contractual requirement.  FAR 52.245-1(b)(2) provides some examples of disposition, i.e. “…delivery, consumption, expending, sale (as surplus property), or other disposition, or via a completed investigation, evaluation, and final determination for lost property.”  For instance, when disposition instructions are issued by a plant clearance officer are carried out by the contractor (e.g., scrap), the records should reflect that the item was scrapped.  Disposition is not strictly limited to actions related to Plant Clearance Automated Reutilization Screening System (PCARSS). In the simplest of terms the inclusion of “disposition” in records of Government property reflects what happened to the property.  Generally speaking, it completes the audit trail.  Keep in mind that all disposition actions may not be reflected in a "field."  Consumption is a good example.  Consumption may be reflected through a combination of documents such as issue documentation, bills of material, work orders, etc. (i.e., the audit trail).  How a contractor documents such actions is dependent upon their property management procedures.

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