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    Are there SME's or is there a repository to seek reference on organizational methodologies as they relate to CoEs?


    There are many types of "Centers of Excellence".  The assumption is that you are referring to an "acquisition" Center of Excellence. 
    The Air Force took the lead on CoEs and did not establish an organizational structure required of all CoEs.  Air Force CoEs organize to accomplish their objectives and in accordance with the talent and experience available.  For example, if a CoE has experience in "source selection activities", the CoE may establish an office or a department for which they provide support to program offices engaged in source selection activities.  Generally a CoE will develop a "Concept of Operation" which in many cases identifies the "Mission and Objective", the "Roles and Responsibilities", and a unique "Governance and Organization" based on their objectives. 
    In your case, depending on available resources, your sponsor may wish to establish a "Concept of Operations" unique for your CoE organization.  Since your CoE will include two departments within DoD, an agreed to document identifying the organization, roles, and responsibilities, signed at the appropriate level, will be essential.  I suggest you agree early on how you plan to track funding, schedule, and performance and include the process in your charter or Concept of Operations.
    For more information or reference on CoE organizational methodologies, please contact Professors Scott Gilbreth or Jerry Vandewiele at DAU.  Professor Gilbreth is at 937-781-1049 or . Professor Vandewiele can be contacted at 937-781-4007 or

    Dan Bowman ,937-255-6005, Wright-Patterson AFB ACE Director, would be a good contact for anyone standing up such an organization.

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