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    When issuing the CAC, can the Contractor CAC expiration date go beyond the funding period. Ex: Base Period: 1 Apr 17 - 31 Mar 18 What should the expiration date be 31 Mar 18 or can the date go beyond this date even we only have funds to cover the base period, no options have been exercised. Thank you.


    Yes, it can go past the expiration period of the base period, given that they are notified that if the option is not exercised, they would need to relinquish their CAC cards to the appropriate office.  Another consideration may be that if the contractor has multiple government contracts, the need for a CAC may extend beyond just one contract.  The expiration date should not exceed the total length of the contract, including option years.  It is also the Contracting Officer's discretion to shorten the time allowed for CAC access to only include base years.  All of these considerations should be made in consultation with the customer, the Contracting Officers Representative, and installation security personnel. 

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