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    Need to know if anyone other than the Contracting Officer, can conduct a surveillance of the Contracting Officer Representative (COR) files, and sign the checklist. Thank you for your response.


    Sorry, but YES, someone other than the actual contracting officer (KO) may conduct surveillance of the COR’s files, their documentation in the COR Tool, and sign the associated checklist.
    Here’s why: Although DoDI 5000.72 (enclosure 3) says the contracting officer is responsible to do the annual review (minimum), there is nothing in the DoDI, the DFARS, FAR or any other regulation at the Federal Government or DoD level that says this task may not be delegated to a contract specialist, procurement analyst, or anyone else in the contracting officer’s organization for that matter.
    Furthermore, the Contracting Officer Representative Tracking (CORT) Tool - User Guide identifies this as being a business process rule (not a regulatory, statutory, or legal rule) that either the KO or a contract specialist may be assigned.

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