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    I am preparing to post a Request for Qualifications for a large AE IDIQ, and I don't know if I need to include clauses on the RFQ or just on the RFP stage after we've made competitive range determinations. Please advise?


    Sources for contracts for architect-engineer services shall be selected in accordance with the procedures in FAR subpart 36.6 rather than the solicitation or source selection procedures prescribed in FAR parts 13, 14, and 15.
    FAR 36.601-1 addresses the public announcement stating the Government shall publicly announce all requirements for architect-engineer services and negotiate contracts for these services based on the demonstrated competence and qualifications of prospective contractors to perform the services at fair and reasonable prices. (See 40 U.S.C. 1101 et seq.).
    In accordance with FAR 5.207(c)(13)it states that for architect-engineer projects, the announcement should provide brief details with respect to:
     •  Location
    •  Scope of services
    •  Cost range and limitations [FAR 36.204 and DFARS 236.204]
    •  Type of contract
    •  Estimated starting and completion dates
    •  Any significant evaluation factors [FAR 36. 602-1(a) and DFARS PGI 236.602-1(a)]  
    For indefinite-quantity contracts with options for additional years, state the estimated start date for the IDIQ contract, the specific period for the basic contract, and the number of option years which may be awarded. Additionally, the minimum and maximum task orders that can be issued and the number of anticipated awards to be made from this solicitation.
     While your synopsis will definite be more detailed than a non-FAR part 36 synopsis, it is still a synopsis and will not contain any clause.  The contractors’ only response to an A-E synopsis is to submit an SF 330 qualifications statement.  They are not at this point in time committing to any terms and conditions or guaranteeing any pricing.  You do not include any clause until you make your selections of the most highly qualified A-E firm (or firms for an IDIQ).  Then you would issue a formal RFP only to that firm, including clauses. The firm would then respond with prices and you would negotiate in a sole source environment.  There is never a competitive range determination in A-E contracting.  All selections are determined based on the most highly qualified firm and ranked ordered.
    Below are 2 sample synopsis for IDIQ contracts for A-E services.

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