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    I'm following up on the Procurement Analyst question on May 10th 2017 about the Annual COR File Review and Checklist with Two Questions Below: 1. Since DoDI 5000.72 says the contracting officer is responsible to do the review, and if the contracting officer has not delegated the task, then it would be the Contracting Officer's responsibility to upload the checklist and perform the review, right? 2. During an IG Inspection of COR Files, would it be considered an IG Deficiency if there is no Annual COR File Review/Checklist in CORT Tool? If so, is the deficiency against the PCO, the COR, or the COR Supervisor?


    Sorry, we are starting to get into semantics and enterprise system business process rules, not contract surveillance, inspection, and acceptance rules.  We do not have an answer to your second question.  You are going to have to ask your Air Force representative to the CORT Integrated Product Team (IPT), your contracting HQs should know who that individual(s) is.  The reason is because that is a business process rule and not a DoDI/DFARS rule.
    Regarding your first question. Ultimately the contracting officer is responsible to make sure contract surveillance is accomplished in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract.  In the event the contracting officer has not delegated the task or has not assigned a COR, the contract file should show whatever review the contracting officer accomplished, how the contract work was inspected and accepted.  The official contract file always takes precedence over surveillance documentation in CORT.

    Finally, we cannot speak for how the IG would determine if a deficiency and who the OPR for that would be, again you would have to pose this hypothetical question to them.

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