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    Does the program become Active again?


    Generally, an "Inactive program” has been related to reporting requirements.  According to DoDI 5000.02, "Selected Acquisition Report (SAR) reporting requirement ceases after 90 percent of items are delivered or 90 percent of planned expenditures under the program or subprogram have been made.”  There is a similar cut-off established for Defense Acquisition Executive Summary (DAES) – “For MDAPs, the DAES reporting requirement ceases after a termination SAR is submitted (90 percent of items delivered or 90 percent of funds are expended).”  If the conditions for ending reporting up the chain of command are no longer true, than reporting per DoDI 5000.02 should resume.
    So termination of reporting requirements may mean that the program is "inactive" with regard to reporting up the chain of command, but it does not imply that the program is over.  Generally, a program would NOT be considered inactive until Disposal has been completed (or the funding line has been zeroed out or eliminated).

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