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    Is it permissible to use appropriated funds (GPC) to pay for an event such as this?


    This response is based on the information provided.  We suggest you discuss with your contracting officer and/or legal department as appropriate.  
    DFARS 213.301 establishes a limit of $25K for an authorized official under stated conditions.  However, different commands put different dollar limits for certain actions on GPC thresholds.  In addition, there are other situations that change the limit.  Look at your Agency regulations and any local regulations. 
    As you are from an Army Reserve unit, we suggest this Army reference.

    The important point to determine would be, "Does the team building meet the requirement of unit training?"
    You definitely need to run this by your financial resource manager (RM) who is the expert on types of funds and their expenditures.  Should they decide that the expenditure would be appropriate, the person assigned the GPC should not exceed the limit they are entitled to sign for.  In addition, put the memo from the RM department in the contract file. 

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