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    Can we use GCPC to purchase the caps.


    This question is actually a fiscal/appropriation question and your question regarding the use of the GPC to procure caps/hats requires careful scrutiny. I recommend you speak to your legal office for guidance on your question. 

    In addition, I am providing what I have found in relation to your question and what you may want to consider. 

    Prohibited Items, Items That Often Require Pre-Purchase Approval, and Fiscal Law Issues
    Prohibited Items
    These caps/hats do not appear to fall under any prohibited items list.
    Items That Often Require Pre-Purchase Approval
    Purchases of certain items are often designated by an agency or organization as prohibited unless a specified agency official approves in advance the purchase of the item.  This section lists many of these items. A cardholder shall obtain any required approval prior to purchase.  Failure to obtain any required approval prior to purchase may result in the Cardholder and/or Billing Official reimbursing the Government for the loss i.e. the purchase price of the unapproved item or service.  In addition, agencies often require that certain items or services be purchased from another government agency or specified vendor.  In such cases a waiver is required before purchase from a different source.

    Fiscal Law Issues
    Many questions often arise regarding whether or not using the purchase card for a particular purchase is authorized by law.  In many cases, there may not be a purchase card restriction but there is a higher-level restriction (i.e., is the use of government appropriated funds authorized for the purchase in question).  The following examples are to illustrate the general rules for acceptability on using appropriated funds for these frequently encountered purchase categories.  This list is not all-inclusive.  Also, it does not take into account whether an activity has specific statutory authority for particular types of purchases.  These examples should be used merely as a guide; there may be exceptions granted by additional authorities and/or your activity may have specific statutory authority for the purchase in question.  Any requests for purchases in the below areas require careful scrutiny.  Consult with your legal counsel and financial operations office.

    Personal purchases-
    Cardholders shall not purchase items merely for personal convenience, comfort, or entertainment and not required for an official Government use.  These items should be purchased through employee collections and/or personal funds. Limited exception:  If an otherwise “personal” purchase is deemed proper by the respective agency official (usually an O-6 or above) as mission essential and a necessary expense of operating a facility, the purchase may be authorized.  These mission-essential items must be documented and secured.

    Trophies, gifts, awards, plaques, and mementos as give-away items for hails, farewells, and other occasions-
    Appropriated funds may not be used for personal gifts unless there is specific statutory authority to do so (68 Comp. Gen. 226, 1989).  Examples of decisions where the Comptroller General determined expenditures to be improper included key chains distributed to educators who attended seminars sponsored by the Forest Service (54 Comp. Gen 976, 1975), novelty plastic garbage cans containing candy distributed by the EPA at an exposition (67 Comp. Gen. 385, 1978), and T-shirts stamped with Combined Federal Campaign logo to be given to employees contributing a certain amount (70 Comp. Gen., B-240001, Feb 8, 1991). Limited exception:  The purchase of give-away items when specifically authorized by regulation may be authorized.

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