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    If data items are linked to different CLINs, does the Exhibit identifier change for each CLIN/CDRL? (For example: Data items for tech pubs linked to CLIN 0001 would be part of Exhibit "A" CDRL and data items for reports linked to CLIN 0002 would be part of Exhibit "B" CDRL) In other words, it is compliant to establish a single Exhibit CDRL that includes several data items that are ultimately linked to various CLINs for acceptance?


    This response is based on the information provided.  We suggest you discuss with your contracting officer and/or legal department as appropriate. 
    You were in the correct area of the DFARS PGI.  Reading further, you will see a reference specific to CDRLs (DDs 1423).
    "PGI 204.7105 Contract exhibits and attachments.
    (a) Use of exhibits.
      (1) Exhibits may be used instead of putting a long list of contract line items or subline items in the contract schedule. Exhibits are particularly useful in buying spare parts.
      (2) When using exhibits, establish a contract line or subline item and refer to the exhibit.
      (3) Identify exhibits individually.
      (4) Each exhibit shall apply to only one contract line item or subline item.
      (5) More than one exhibit may apply to a single contract line item.
      (6) Data items on a DD Form 1423, Contract Data Requirements List, may be either separately priced or not separately priced.
      (i) Separately priced. When data are separately priced, enter the price in Section B of the contract.
      (ii) Not separately priced. Include prices in a priced contract line item or subline item.
      (7) The contracting officer may append attachments to exhibits, as long as the attachment does not identify a deliverable requirement that has not been established by a contract line item or subline item or exhibit line item.
      (8) Include exhibit line items and associated information in the electronically distributed contract documents identified in PGI 204.201(3)(i)(A) and (B)." 
    #6 addresses CDRLS.
    All your CDRLs would form one exhibit.  So 5 or 10 data item descriptions would form Exhibit A.  If you have options, the second year (even if all data item descriptions were the same) would form Exhibit B, the third year would be Exhibit C and so on.  You can have other exhibits as well depending on what you are acquiring and how you then construct your contract.

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