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    The GPC may be used to pay the "after-the-fact" purchases only after an approved ratification.


    Background:  After clarifying I understand that services were performed prior to authorization or a contract being awarded.  This action has been ratified and payment needs to be made to the service provider.

    Answer:  In short, the answer is yes.  This is assuming that the Agency/Organization Program Coordinator (A/OPC), approves the use of the card in this manner.  It also assumes that the original Unauthorized Commitment has been ratified.  Of course, the amount of the purchase has to be within the limits of the cardholder.
    By using the GPC card to make a payment on a ratified action you are essentially using the GPC card as a method of payment.  I would also recommend that the Cardholder document the file with the approval from the A/OPC to use the card in that matter and a copy of the ratification of the action.

    Regardless of the dollar value the A/OPC would need report the transaction in FPDS-NG in accordance with their organizations reporting procedures. 

    Recommend reviewing the Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy Website.  They have very good information regarding the Government Purchase Card Program.  The site is found at

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