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    What is the minimum and maximum dollar amount a COR can approve in WAWF?


    When it comes to Department of Defense policy or the WAWF enterprise business system process rules - there are NO minimum and maximum invoice dollar amounts (especially “minimum”) that a COR can approve/certify for payment in WAWF.  After all, the invoice amount should be what the government has already negotiated/agreed to.  Certifying the invoice only means we (the government) got the supplies or services we expected to.
    Note: COR’s are never authorized to approve vouchers on cost reimbursable contracts or invoices for labor hour or time and material contracts; we’ve answered that question many, many times before here at AAP.
    However (and this scenario is not likely), the COR’s Letter of Designation may, for some reason, identify a maximum threshold for a COR.  Again, this is unlikely but not out of the realm of possibility.  If it is the case the COR should have been notified of this and for the rationale.  In addition, the way the “electrons” flow in WAWF should be designed so that any invoice the COR receives above that threshold, they can only review for accuracy and then the next stop would be to the individual who does have the authority to approve/certify the invoice.
    Additional questions on how to accomplish the above can be directed to the WAWF help desk at click on government customer support and it will give you the contact information for your agency.

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