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    When using GPC card what is the different between application fees versus membership fees (consider a service??). What govern the authorization payment? Is there Product Service Code (PSC) for each? Supplies Max: $3,500 Services Max: $2,500 vr CW4R/CTR Darren "POPS" L. W. Lester Financial Analyst, BAMC Program & Budget Branch Resource Management Division Room: TJ-L10 Office Phone: 210-539-9317 Fax Number: 210-916-8919 Email:


    I worked with GSA on this response and this is what we came up with.  Based on the narrative you provided, our understanding is that application fees are considered services, as the government receives a service (e.g., a training class, a certification, a seminar, an account is set up) and therefore are not supplies.  However, application fees are not a type of service that would be subject to the Service Contract Act statutes, therefore the micropurchase threshold of $3,500 applies.
    However, specific guidance for Purchase Card use for membership fees versus application fees is established by individual agencies.  As such, I recommend that you contact the agency directly for additional information based ion internal agency guidance on how to handle this specific charge.  Each agency has a charge card program that generally works with contracting or finance closely, so they should be able to provide more information.

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