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    The companies are all in the competitive range, and we need to discuss with all of them the line item pricing. My team is asking, if we need to have individual discussions with each company, or can we have a group discussions (all of the companies in one room) to go over the line item prices. This falls under Discussions, since every Ktr's line item pricing were higher than the govt. estimate.


    I question whether "all are in the competitive range" based on your prior statement that "some were exceptionally higher." As to the basic question if group discussions for offerors in the competitive range are authorized vs. individual discussions, the answer is "no." FAR 15.306(d)(1) states "Discussions are tailored to each offeror's proposal." This cannot be done in a group setting, and attempting to do so could increase the chances for a protest of the contract award. You may want to better define the competitive range rather than deal with an unwieldy number of proposals.

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