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    Does a Test and Evaluation Master Plan document require the Component Acquisition Executive (CAE) approval on the document?


    According to DODI 5000.02, Incorporating Change 2, Effective February 2, 2017, Enclosure 1, Table 1. Description and Decision Authority for ACAT I – III Programs, for an ACAT II program, the Decision Authority is the “CAE or the individual designated by the CAE”.
    Further down in Enclosure 1, Table 2, Milestone and Phase Information Requirements, contains the following entry: 
     To be incouded later.

    So, according to DODI 5000.02, the MDA, which in the case of an ACAT II program is the CAE (or designee) is the approval authority for DT&E plans in the TEMP.  By extension, this also means that the CAE (or designee) would approve the Introduction, Test Program Management and Schedule and Resource Summary sections in so far as they address the program overall or DT&E.  The OT&E portion would be addressed as you describe by the AFOTEC designee (53rd Wing).

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