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    When I am done, what can I hope to achieve at the end of the Technology Maturation and Risk Reduction (TMRR) phase?


    The conduct of a program is dictated by DoDI 5000.02, dated 7 Jan 15.  At each Milestone review the Milestone Decision Authority (MDA) will review the status of the program and direct the path forward.  Those tasks that must be accomplished prior to the next milestone are often referred to as exit criteria.  Those actions are documented in the document titled:  Acquisition Decision Memorandum.  The program must then accomplish those actions in order to successfully exit the current phase of the program and proceed to the next phase.

    Another reference which can provide insight into the tasks and documents that are required by phase can be found in the Milestone Documentation Identification Tool (MDID) available from the online resources portion of the DAU website.

    Also, the Integrated Product Support Roadmap provides insight into logistics specific actions that need to be accomplished prior to each review.

    However, the final determination of what needs to be accomplished in each phase is tailorable and decided in consultations between the program manager and MDA.

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