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    What information can you provide on application of ARCO or weight advantage curves? These curves adjust (usually by weight) hours per lb. of manufacturing from a smaller product to a product that is larger. I am given to understand the underlying assumption is that as a product gets larger the hrs/lb of manufacturing goes down.


    ARCO stands for the Aircraft Resource Control Office and back in the 1960's the Air Forde was playing with parametric cost estimating models based on weight.  There was a paper published by the RAND Corp. in 1976 called "Parametric Equations for Estimating Aircraft Airframe Costs," written by Joseph Large, Harry Campbell and David Cates.  The Rand Corporation produced another paper in 2001 called "Military Airframe Costs, the Effects of Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Processes."  The ARCO is a cist estimating model based on weight not learning.  You should be able to find these documents using your favorite search engine.
    Not sure what you are looking for under "weighted advantage curves."  I can find nothing on it.  Thought there are many, many documents on weighted averages.  If you can be more specific, perhaps I can find something.

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