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    Good morning, I have a question that I need assistance with. Can you please provide me with the answer if a CAT II MIPR direct cite needs to be awarded on a contract before obligating the funding? Every organization I have been with they have stressed that we need the contract before we can obligate the funding. Where in the regulations can I find this information. It makes sense to me that we would do it this way because when we send documents to contracting we don't obligate the funding on the PO in GFEBS until we receive the contract MOD. I appreciate your assistance with this matter. Thank you.


    In DoD FMR Volume 3, Chapter 8, Section 080802 Direct Citation Procurements, it states:
    The term “direct citation procurement” refers to procurement accomplished by combining the requirements of one or more other DoD Components with those of the procuring DoD Component. The procuring DoD Component may issue one contract with separate schedules showing the quantities, prices, dollar amounts, and citation of funds of each requiring DoD Component. The direct citation order is recorded as an obligation by the requiring DoD Component when it is notified in writing that the procuring DoD Component’s contract or project order has been executed, or when a copy of the contract or project order is received. MIPRs used for these orders are not complete until the MIPR Acceptance is signed and received by the office responsible for posting the obligation.

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