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    Which DoDAF views does JCIDS require to be provided at each milestone/gate in the Acquisition lifecycle?


    With DoDAF 2.0, the current approach to Architectural Descriptions moves away from static and rigid one-size-fits-all templates. Instead, the community has adopted the term "Fit-for-Purpose" apporach. In other words, Architectural data is intended to increase customer understanding and architecture's usefulness to decision-making by putting the data underlying the architectural models into the context of the problem space for each decision-maker.

    DoDAF does not prescribe any particular Views, but instead concentrates on data as the necessary ingredient for architecture development.. 

    The core of DoDAF V2.0 is a data-centric approach where the creation of architectures to support decision-making is secondary to the collection, storage, and maintenance of data needed to make efficient and effective decisions. The architect and stakeholders select views to ensure that architectures will explain current and future states of the process or activity under review. Selecting architectural views carefully ensures that they adequately explain the requirement and proposed solution in ways that will enhance audience understanding

    Follow this 6-Step process and you'll be on the right archiectural heading:

    Step 1: Determine the intended Use of Architecture
    Step 2: Determine Scope of Architecture
    Step 3: Determine Data Required to Support Architecture Development
    Step 4: Collect, Organize, Correlate, and Store Architectural Data
    Step 5: Conduct Analyses in Support of Architecture Objectives
    Step 6: Document Results in Accordance with Decision-Maker Needs

    For more  detailed info, check out

    Please keep in mind that the DoDAF was intended to help address the neccessity for interoperabilty...and that's a priorty for our warfighterson the battlefied to wage and win our nation's wars

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