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    Does DAU have any resources relating to how to determine appropriate value for a feature to be used in a VATEP evaluation?


    DAU does not know of any resource to help determine appropriate value for proposing performance above threshold.  That being said, the most definitive VATEP guidance is in the current DoD Source Selection Procedures <> , especially Appendix B.  IAW Appendix B, Paragraph B.3: "Defining the value of higher performance/capability is the RO's (Requirements Owner's) responsibility.  In Paragraph 1.4.8 it talks specifically about the RO's responsibilities in the overall source selection process.
    Obviously, based on the fact you are asking this question, quantifying the value of meeting an objective is difficult and is one of the major challenges of using the VATEP strategy.  It is difficult to quantify dollars (or percentages) for meeting stated objectives over the stated thresholds.  It is generally not the Requirements Owners core competency.  In the Air Force, "industry has been deeply involved in developing the thresholds, objectives, adjustment value, and adjustment methodology.  The rationale for the adjustment values and methodologies should be fully and contemporaneously documents so that, in the event of a protest, we can show how they were developed and that we had a reasonable basis for the assigned value and methodologies." (SAF/ACQP presentation)
    Therefore, I highly recommend obtaining industry input to help you determine the thresholds and quantify the objectives - just make sure there is solid documentation to show how the Government team determined the values.  While the Government team is obtaining input, it is upon the team to independently analyze and determine what the values should be.  It is critical the explanation in the documentation is reasonable in order to avoid a sustained protest. 
    In summary, market research is the key to VATEP success - you need to know the cost/price impact of increased performance/capability via close coordination with the operational user and communication with industry.

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