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    What about the full completion of all ECPs? Does this same additional one year apply since it's part of the system on supply contracts? Thanks for helping.


    Responder doesn’t completely understand the intent of the question.  Attempted to reach questioner via submitted telephone number and didn’t work properly.  However, the question generally is speaking to the impacts on delivery of supplies if an engineering change is required.  It would also appear the scenario is further complicated by engineering changes to the same items across delivery orders on some sort of multiple award vehicle.
    Given these generalities and the assumptions that must go along with them, each delivery order that had items impacted by the engineering change would have to be modified.  If delivery schedules would be required to be extended to incorporate the change, those schedules would be determined for each effected item on each individual order.  Each delivery order is its own unique “contract” within the overarching multiple award vehicle.

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