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    Trying to find through the DAU any information on an Algorithm Description Document. How its used in the DOD and its main purpose and scope. Looking for mainly documentation from a systems engineering perspective.


    The "Algorithm Description Document" is not a Department of Defense document.

    Within the DoD, the Software Design Description (SDD) describes the software design decisions, the architectural design, and the detailed design needed to implement the software.

    If your developer is following IEEE Standard 1012, System and Software Verification and Validation, they may generate an Algorithm Description Document. While there is no dedicated Data Item for accepting delivery of an ADD, you could incorporate it into a Software Sustainability Package which includes the source code, design details, models, algorithms, processes, flow charts, formulae and related materials that would allow the software to be reproduced, recreated or recompiled, as needed for sustainment by non-developer(s) or the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). This includes all executable software, design models , source files, and software sustainment information, including "as built" design information and compilation, build, and modification procedures, for each Computer Software Configuration Item (CSCI).
    IEEE Standard for System and Software Verification and Validation (IEEE Standard 1012-2016)
    Software Sustainability Package (Data Item DI-IPSC-82134)
    Software Design Description (SDD) (Data Item DI-IPSC-81435)

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