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    Under what circumstances and Regulatory Requirements would it be proper for a Plant Clearance Officer to use the REQUISITION Section in PCARSS to ship Government Property to DLA (DRMS) and claim it as a Reutilization, when there is already a separate disposition process in PCARSS for the purpose of disposition via shipment to DLA (DRMS)? There are two ways Requisitions happen, one is that a Military Agency has someone screening PCARSS and is aware of what is on a particular inventory schedule and Plant Clearance Case. This is how GSA requests Government Property from Plant Clearance Officers. The other method is for the Plant Clearance Officer to reach out to multiple Military Agencies and screen the inventory schedules with them to see if anyone is interested in the Government Property. Surprisingly enough it does work, because there are so many Agencies that do not have PCARSS Screeners. Even under a BRACK Base Closure with the Owning Agency telling the Plant Clearance Officer to ship all the Base Government Property to DLA (DRMS) what Government Regulations would allow this to be considered a Requisition/Reutilization? We are talking about usable equipment and other usable Government Property. If this were a reasonable authorized way to disposition usable Government Property normally located at contractor facilities why is it not referenced in FAR PART 45.6 under disposition? If located on a Military Base why is this not under FAR PART 45.6?


    The PCARSS question you’re posing is a DCMA agency specific question since the PCARSS system and its processes are DCMA owned. We can only recommend that you research DCMA – INST 111 and the PCARSS Manual for help in determining the appropriate way to assign specific tasks within the PCARSS system.  Your agency leadership should also be able to assist.  
    In regards to the questions about what policy governs Government property located on a Government base you have to remember there are separate regulations for management of Government Property depending on who has accountability/possession of the assets; Government or Contractor.  FAR Part 46.5 applies to the disposal of contractor inventory excess to a contract and DoDI 5000.64 applies to Government Property under the management of the owning agency.  However, where disposition is concerned there are still requirements/policy that both contractors and DoD agencies must follow depending on the type of Government Property.  Below are two regulations which provide policy pertaining your disposition question but you will find that there is a great deal of additional information within the 4 volumes of the DoDM 4160.21 for requirements pertaining to the disposal of excess DoD Property.
    DODI 5000.64 - Accountability and Management of DoD Equipment and Other Accountable Property.
    DoDM 4160.21 Vol 1 – Defense Materiel Disposition: Disposal Guidance and Procedures: Enclosure 4

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